Short Courses Australia deliver JOB CAMP which assists Secondary School Students across Sydney & Regional NSW transition into paid employment. Duration: from 1 Day. Cost: from $1,320.00 Per Group.


Short Courses Australia delivers JOB CAMP across Sydney & Regional NSW.

JOB CAMP is facilitated by way of incursion and offers students access to vocational training and compliance certificates that are pre-requisites for employment.

Short Courses Australia aim to support young people to break down barriers to employment and make the successful transition into paid employment easier by providing them access to VET whilst still in school.

You can download our latest VET Newsletter that provides JOB CAMP samples below or choose to build your own JOB CAMP.



VET Coordinators can select from 31 Vocational Education & Training (VET) Short Courses, suitable for delivery to secondary school students.

Please select the short courses you would like to complete, from the table below, and your query will be sent to our VETDSS team. Or please contact our VETDSS team directly on:

Construction & Road Infrastructure
Construction Compliance
First Response
Unit of Competence
Unit Code
Nominal Hours
JOB CAMP Module Job Search, SWL & VET Pathways
Non accredited
Small Business
Unit of Competence
Unit Code
Nominal Hours
JOB CAMP Module Job Search, SWL & VET Pathways
Non accredited

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Customer Reviews

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from RJJJ

    10 July 2024

      "Everyrhing?s on point."

    -  RJJJ

  •  | review from Cécé

    02 July 2024

      "(Translated by Google) I arrived with a lot of apprehension but as soon as the theoretical lessons started, we felt that the trainer loved what he did, he taught us the whole training with humor, good humor, and kindness! I have had dysgraphia since childhood and so I write slowly, he made sure that everyone was at the same pace, which helped me a lot so as not to feel too delayed in my writing! The involvement of the trainer in his way of explaining, as well as the examples he gave us allowed the students to be captivated by the course, I was not bored at all, I even found that it was fun even though I have exam phobia! It was a pleasure to have taken the RSA exams in this place, I recommend this place to anyone who wants to take their RSA Thank you again for all (Original) Je suis arrivée avec beaucoup d?appréhension mais dès que les cours théoriques ont démarré, on sentait que le formateur aimait ce qu?il faisait, il nous a enseigné l?ensemble de la formation avec de l?humour, de la bonne humeur, et de la bienveillance ! Je suis dysgraphique depuis l?enfance et j?écris donc lentement, il veillait à ce que tout le monde soit au même rythme, ce qui m?a beaucoup aidé pour ne pas me sentir trop retardée dans mes écrits ! L?implication du formateur dans sa manière d?expliquer, ainsi que les exemples qu?il nous donnait permet aux étudiants d?être captivé par le cours, je ne me suis pas ennuyée du tout, j?ai même trouvé que c?était ludique alors que j?ai la phobie des examens ! C?était un plaisir d?avoir passé les épreuves du RSA dans cet endroit, je recommande ce lieu à tous ceux qui veulent passer leur RSA Encore merci pour tout"

    -  Cécé

  •  | review from ??????? ??????????

    28 June 2024

    -  ??????? ??????????

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Hannah Challinor

    25 June 2024

      "I just completed my ARCG today with Graham as the instructor. I highly recommend as he made what could have been a dull lesson engaging and very easy to follow, making me confident in my understanding of the course material. You can tell he's had a lot of experience within the industry. 10/10 recommend."

    -  Hannah Challinor

  •  | review from jack webber

    21 June 2024

      "Great information and instructor ?"

    -  jack webber

  •  | review from Bisesh Shrestha (Bses stha)

    20 June 2024

      "The trainer Robin was very informative and taught in a way we could understand. The place is very comfy as a classroom. I would surely recommend others to come here for their training."

    -  Bisesh Shrestha (Bses stha)

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Corey Nash

    11 June 2024

    -  Corey Nash

  •  | review from W Arnaout

    11 June 2024

    -  W Arnaout

  •  | review from Haytham Sarieddine

    11 June 2024

    -  Haytham Sarieddine

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Liza Khan

    22 May 2024

    -  Liza Khan