Short Courses Australia deliver JOB CAMP which assists Secondary School Students across

Sydney & Regional NSW transition into paid employment. 

Duration: from 2 Days. Cost: from $140.00 Per Student. 


Short Courses Australia delivers JOB CAMP across Sydney & Regional NSW.

JOB CAMP is facilitated by way of incursion and offers students access to vocational training and compliance certificates that are pre-requisites for employment.

Short Courses Australia aims to support young people to break down barriers to employment and make the successful transition into paid employment easier by providing them access to VET, whilst still in school.



Short Courses Australia offer a variety of two (2) day JOB CAMP options for secondary schools in Sydney & Regional NSW seeking greater flexbility in delivery and pricing:



Our Transition Pathways Team are available to discuss career pathways with students, teachers, and parents as part of Short Courses Australia’s JOB CAMP program.

Our team are available prior, during or after JOB CAMP to support teachers and parents to identify Casual, School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) or future post-secondary school completion vocational Traineeship and Apprenticeship employment pathways for individual students. 



For more information or to book JOB CAMP at your secondary school, please contact our team:

Customer Reviews

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Daniel Lynch

    24 March 2023

      "The course was taught very well and made it very easy to understand"

    -  Daniel Lynch

  •  | review from TheJeerana

    23 March 2023

      "I took RSA course. It was very good course. The place is easy to find and easy to go by tram."

    -  TheJeerana

  •  | review from Pariyakorn Chimkerd

    23 March 2023

      "Good location. Great course and supportive staff. Very recommended."

    -  Pariyakorn Chimkerd

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from M? Anh Tr?n

    22 March 2023

    -  M? Anh Tr?n

  •  | review from Bhumika Kadyan

    21 March 2023

      "Taught exceptionally well with references and experience, along with really convenient mcq exam. You must book since it was so easy and hassle free I got my RSA within 3 hrs"

    -  Bhumika Kadyan

  •  | review from Dario Montoya

    20 March 2023

    -  Dario Montoya

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Megan Plant

    20 March 2023

    -  Megan Plant

  •  | review from anaswara kurian

    20 March 2023

      "It was enthralling and interactive"

    -  anaswara kurian

  •  | review from Stephania Sánchez

    19 March 2023

      "The course was perfectly balanced between practice and information. I loved it. It's a quick start to learn how to make coffee, you'll probably need to practice a lot to be a good barista, but here you'll learn everything you need to start with it."

    -  Stephania Sánchez

  • JOB Camp At Your School | review from Trinh Tran

    16 March 2023

      "It was great"

    -  Trinh Tran

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