Traffic Controller Course Melbourne

Short Courses Australia deliver the RIIWHS205E Control traffic with stop-slow bat course at its Port Melbourne Training Depot. Cost: $150.00. Duration: 7 Hours Face to Face Delivery


Traffic Controller Course Melbourne

Looking for a job where you get to be outside? If you are 18 years and over then you should consider completing a Traffic Control Course.

The traffic controller course is compleed in one-day and is delivered at our Port Melbourne Training Depot,  the day is made up of classroom and practical training simulating traffic activity. The course assists participants acquire skills to be able to read and understand traffic management plans as well as control traffic. You will also learn how to set up and use traffic control equipment.

The Traffic Control course provides training that is relevant to many industries, including: construction, mining, and drilling.

Traffic Control Course | Training Outline

Students will receive training and achieve competence in the following:

1. Plan and Prepare

  • Traffic controllers access, interpret and apply site traffic management plan procedures and ensure the work activity is compliant.
  • You will need to obtain, confirm, clarify and apply the correct work instructions.
  • Learning to obtain, confirm, clarify and apply safety requirements are part of the Traffic Control course in Melbourne.
  • Identify, obtain and implement signage and devices.
  • Select tools and equipment, check for serviceability and rectify or report any faults.
  • You must be able to identify, confirm, clarify and apply environmental protection requirements.

2. Control Traffic

  • The Traffic Control course will show you how to position or confirm temporary traffic signs and barriers
  • Direct traffic correctly Control vehicles and pedestrian traffic and ensure safety
  • Monitor traffic, make adjustments for changing conditions and position waiting vehicles for smooth traffic flow Use hand held stop/slow bats
  • Use visibly clear and unobstructed hand signals
  • Report traffic offenders

3. Operate Communication Devices

  • Adjust communication device controls for optimum reception/transmission results
  • The Traffic Control Course will teach how to transmit messages clearly and concisely
  • Maintain communication device power supply
  • Check communications contact after nominated period of non-contact

4. Clean Up

  • Remove or cover signs and devices sequentially to provide warning to motorists during shutdown
  • Clean, check, maintain and store tools and equipment are all part of the Traffic Control course.

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The cost of RIIWHS205E - Control traffic with stop-slow bat course is $150.00 and includes a statement of attainment. Click Here for Onsite Course delivery at your workplace. 

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