Short Courses Australia deliver JOB CAMP, across Sydney & Regional NSW, which assist Shires & Council connect those at risk within their community with vocational skills learning and employment pathway. 

Duration: from 1 Day | Cost: from $1,320.00 


Short Courses Australia support Shires & Council to provide vocational training initiatives, to at risk persons within their community.

Our team specialize in a drive in and drive out training strategy that enables delivery of each program to every student within Sydney and regional NSW.

DET NSW funded training opportunities maybe available for persons at risk within your community and seeking employment skills in hospitality and service industries.

Short Courses Australia offers JOB CAMP and can assist you to select short courses, delivered at your Shire or Council that have an employment outcome focus.

Short Courses Australia (Legal Org 509982) is a Smart & Skilled Provider approved to deliver training under the Targeted Priorities Prevocational and Part Qualification Program (TPPPQ).

Eligible participants within your community are required to be: 

  • 15 years old or over; 
  • no longer at school; 
  • living or working in NSW
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen.



You can download our latest VET Newsletter that provides JOB CAMP samples below or choose to build your own JOB CAMP training program for your local community.



For more information or to book JOB CAMP at your Shire or Council , please contact our team:

Construction & Road Infrastructure
Construction Compliance
First Response
Unit of Competence
Unit Code
Nominal Hours
JOB CAMP Module Job Search, SWL & VET Pathways
Non accredited
Small Business
Unit of Competence
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Nominal Hours
JOB CAMP Module Job Search, SWL & VET Pathways
Non accredited

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Customer Reviews

  • JOB Camp For Employment Service Providers | review from Undecided

    09 July 2024

      "Rsa was very cool"

    -  Undecided

  •  | review from Laurent Vanessa

    09 July 2024

    -  Laurent Vanessa

  •  | review from Jane Huang

    25 June 2024

      "I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of Teacher Rachel's class. Her lively and engaging teaching style made each session interesting and enjoyable. I've learned so much and gained valuable insights that I hadn't expected. I truly regret not enrolling earlier and missing out on the wonderful experiences and knowledge she offers. Thank you very much, Teacher Rachel, for your dedication and the passion you bring to your teaching. Your efforts have made a significant difference in my learning journey."

    -  Jane Huang

  • JOB Camp For Employment Service Providers | review from Tof B

    25 May 2024

      "Did my food safety supervisor here. It was a good, clear course. Dean the teacher was awesome."

    -  Tof B


    23 May 2024

      "Very Friendly Experience Explain every single point."


  •  | review from ALEN SUNNY

    22 May 2024


  • JOB Camp For Employment Service Providers | review from Yugraj Sandhu

    17 May 2024

      "Sid the trainer was great ?"

    -  Yugraj Sandhu

  •  | review from Rowan Edgar

    16 May 2024

      "Fantastic experiance and great company"

    -  Rowan Edgar

  •  | review from Sunita Pokhrel Acharya

    14 May 2024

    -  Sunita Pokhrel Acharya

  • JOB Camp For Employment Service Providers | review from Grace Horgan

    14 May 2024

      "I never leave reviews but i am honestly so impressed. class was fun and engaging and the presenter katie was really great and knowledgeable. ended up finishing early at about 1:30pm and got my RSA cert at 4:30pm even though i was expecting it in a day or two! The content was great and well displayed in a booklet and on a powerpoint presentation and katie explained everything really well. would recommend to anyone wanting to get their RSA"

    -  Grace Horgan