Pest Inspection Course in Brisbane, Queensland

Short Courses Australia provide monthly courses in the units of competence CPPUPM3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests and CPPUPM3010 Control timber pests. Cost: $1,750.00

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Pest Inspection Course Brisbane, Queensland


Short Courses Australia offer the pest inspection course for participants seeking employment as a timber pest inspector of residential and commercial properties.

It is a requirement that timber pest inspectors successfully complete the following units of competence:

Short Courses Australia deliver the pest inspection course to participants in Brisbane and greater Queensland via ZOOM in a real time connected delivery classroom setting over four (4) days.

Students will learn to inspect premises and surrounding areas for timber pests. It includes collecting and testing evidence from the site, assessing the type of timber pest, nature of activity and extent of damage, and preparing an inspection report with recommendations for timber pest management.

Students will learn the required knowledge to prepare and implement a plan to manage timber pests. It includes reviewing existing reports relating to timber pest activity at the premises and planning, implementing and monitoring strategies to control timber pests. The unit requires selecting equipment, chemicals, materials and methods to effectively manage the timber pest problem.

Participants must then conduct ten (10) pest inspections under the observation of a qualified pest inspector to demonstrate competency.


Course Requirements

To successfully complete the course participants are required to:

  • Attend all ZOOM real time connected delivery classroom training sessions;
  • Demonstrate to the trainer that they own the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Complete all activities and assessment which cover the learning outcomes of termite and timber pest management and safety;
  • Complete 10 practical, real life, pest inspection observations under the observation of a qualified pest inspector sourced via Short Courses Australia, or source their own licensed pest inspector in Brisbane, Queensland.

Participants have up to 6 months to complete this course.


ZOOM Training

The four-day course delivered via ZOOM real time connected, covers the following learning outcomes:

  • Timber Pest biology and control including termites, borers and wood decay fungi;
  • Australian Standards and other documents pertaining to timber pests;
  • Inspection and reporting of timber pests;
  • Timber pest management;
  • Set up and monitoring of termite programs;
  • Overview of termite management of new buildings;
  • Conflict resolution.


Practical Pest Inspection Observations

On successful completion of the four-day course ZOOM real time connected delivery training, participants will arrange with qualified pest inspector to complete the practical assessment component of the pest inspection course*.

Short Courses Australia has partnered with iSPECT Building Inspections to enable course participants access to the "live" inspections, if required.

Participants must complete a minimum of ten (10) practical pest inspections and submit each completed pest inspection report to their trainer for final assessment.

  • Course participants may source their own licenced pest inspector for completion of the ten (10) practical pest inspections.

Please Note: * These units forms part of the licensing requirements for people engaged in pest management in some states and territories.

Students wanting to obtain a Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) licence, must contact the QBCC to confirm that the course meets with the QBCC licence requirements to conduct timber pest inspections in Queensland. 

QBCC Contact Line - 139 333


Pest Inspector Course Cost Brisbane, Queensland

The cost of the course is $1,750.00 per person, plus an additional $500.00 to complete (10) ten practical pest inspections under the observation of a sourced licensed pest inspector.

Participants able to source their own licenced pest inspector pay only $1,750.00

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