Food Safety Handler (FSH) Course in Sydney

Participants receive a certificate in SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety. The course is delivered in a classroom setting. Cost: $50.00. Duration: 4 Hours.



All staff working in a venue that sells food in New South Wales is required to complete and hold a food safety handler certificate.

Short Courses Australia provide training in the national unit of competence SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety. This course, also more commonly known as a food safety handler courses outlines the knowledge required to work hgienically and safely with food.

The food handling course provides participants working with food in NSW basic cleaning and hygiene knowledge, skills, principles, practices and procedures. It forms essential foundation knowledge to food safety supervisors, chefs, cooks, food and beverage handlers, kitchen hands, kiosk attendants, café staff and food handling staff in small businesses.

The food safety handler course in Sydney covers the following criteria:

  • What is food safety and why is it important;
  • How to identify and assess food safety hazards;
  • Procedures for controlling risks;
  • Monitor food safety in the workplace.

For more information visit NSW Food Authority.



Participants can select Book Now to attend a face to face session at our training centre at Level 3/330 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007.

If you require further information on your session and explain the learning and assessment process. Please contact Short Courses Australia on 1300 747 430 or email

Please Note: download the learner guide and bring along to the class, either a soft or hard copy will suffice.



The cost of the course is $50.00 per person, including national unit of competence certificate. Click Here for Onsite Course delivery at your workplace.

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Customer Reviews

  • FOOD SAFETY HANDLER COURSE SYDNEY | review from Lucia Cajias

    26 March 2023

      "Very efficient, easy to understand. Teachers were very helpful throughout the process."

    -  Lucia Cajias

  •  | review from Gennene Turner

    24 March 2023

      "I found the RCG course to be very informative and the presenter Graham was very thorough in his teachings. I would highly recommend this course."

    -  Gennene Turner

  •  | review from Charlize Skaines

    21 March 2023

      "Very specific and easy to use, the ??? helped me out when I needed it!!"

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    21 March 2023

    -  Sonsa Gurung

  •  | review from Margaret Ramsay

    20 March 2023

      "The course was efficient, the trainer (Jordan) was knowledgeable and had a very pleasant manner and the enrolment process was simple."

    -  Margaret Ramsay

  •  | review from Gustavo Noce Casagrande

    20 March 2023

      "Good prices"

    -  Gustavo Noce Casagrande

  • FOOD SAFETY HANDLER COURSE SYDNEY | review from Jessica Boyd

    15 March 2023

      "It was a good experience, they were very though in the things that we need and guided everyone through the course. Made it as possible."

    -  Jessica Boyd

  •  | review from Vinicius Brognara

    15 March 2023

      "Great RSA Course and great teacher!"

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    15 March 2023

    -  Gabrielle Roche

  • FOOD SAFETY HANDLER COURSE SYDNEY | review from Jonathan B, Wiener

    15 March 2023

      "Great experience"

    -  Jonathan B, Wiener

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