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David Sherwin started his Hospitality career in the mid-80s as a public house manager with The famous Morlands Brewery of Abingdon in Oxfordshire UK. He has also had his own pub, The White Horse, at Wokingham for 2 years. David then moved to Guildford and purchased his first Cafe/Bistro at Newlands Corner. He took a broken-down business and made into a very profitable coffee shop over six years. He eventually sold the business in 2003 and packed his bags for Australia. Once settled in Australia David purchased a 160 seater cafe in Mornington Central and again took this from a failing business to a highly profitable one, selling the lease on after 6 years.

After a spell back in the UK to look after family he returned to Australia to finish his Diploma of Hospitality Management and Diploma of Vocational Education. He now been training certificate qualifications, short courses and non-accredited courses for over five years. David is currently completing the Adult and Vocational Educational Degree with CSU.

Short Courses Australia Trainer Profile | David Sherwin

David Sherwin