Pest Inspection Course in Melbourne

Short Courses Australia provide monthly courses in the units of competence CPPUPM3008 Inspect for and report on timber pests and CPPUPM3010 Control timber pests. Cost: $1,750.00




Short Courses Australia provide monthly pest inspection courses for participants seeking employment as a timber pest inspector of residential and commerical properties. 

It is a requirement that timber pest inspectors successfully complete the following units of competence:

Short Courses Australia deliver the pest inspection course face to face in a classroom setting over five (5) days.

Participants must then conduct nine (9) pest inspections under the observation of a qualified pest inspector to demonstrate competency.

Practical Training

The five day course provides pest inspection training and covers the following learning outcomes: 

  • Timber Pest biology and control including termites, borers and wood decay fungi;
  • Australian Standards and other documents pertaining to timber pests;
  • Inspection and reporting of timber pests;
  • Timber pest management;
  • Set up and monitoring of termite programs;
  • Overview of termite management of new buildings;
  • Conflict resolution.

Practical Pest Inspection Observations

On successful completion of the practical training, participants are allocated a qualified pest inspector to complete the practical assessment component of the pest inspection course*.

Short Courses Australia has partnered with Australian Property & Building Inspections to enable course participants access to the "live" inspections. 

Participants must complete a minimum of nine practical pest inspections and submit each completed pest inspection report to their trainer for final assessment. 

*Course participants may source their own licenced pest inspector for completion of the nine practical pest inspections.

Course Requirements

To successfully complete the course particpants are required to:

  • Attend all class room training sessions;
  • Bring their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Complete all activities and assessment which cover the learning outcomes of termite and timber pest management and safety;
  • Complete nine practical pest inspection observations under the observation of a qualified pest inspector sourced via Short Courses Australia, or source their own licensed pest inspector.   

Participants have up to 6 months to complete this course. 



The cost of the course is $1,750.00 per person, plus an additional $500.00 to complete 10 practical pest inspections under the observation of a Short Courses Australia sourced licensed pest inspector.

Participants able to source their own licenced pest inspector pay only $1,750.00.

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