Short Courses Australia deliver JOB CAMP which assists University & TAFE Students across

Brisbane & Regional Queensland transition into paid employment. 

Duration: from 2 Days. Cost: from $140.00 Per Student. 



Short Courses Australia delivers JOB CAMP across Brisbane & Regional Queensland. 

JOB CAMP is facilitated by way of incursion and offers students access to vocational training and compliance certificates that are pre-requisites for employment.

Short Courses Australia aims to support jobseekers to break down barriers to employment and make the successful transition into paid employment easier by providing them access to VET, whilst at University & TAFE.



Short Courses Australia offer a variety of two (2) day JOB CAMP options for University & TAFE students in Brisbane & Regional Queensland seeking greater flexbility for students that are managing their University or TAFE enrolled qualification:

The JOB CAMP flyers are a useful resource for Careers Staff and Student Unions at University & TAFE.



Our Transition Pathways Team are available to discuss job pathways with students as part of Short Courses Australia's JOB CAMP program.

Our team are available prior, during or after JOB CAMP to support students to identify vocational Traineeship and Apprenticeship employment pathways for individual students. 



For more information or to book JOB CAMP at your University or TAFE, please contact our team:


Customer Reviews

  • JOB Camp At Your University | review from L.M. Delves

    28 November 2023

      "Legit and accredited coarse. Recommend using this company to obtain relevant qualifications."

    -  L.M. Delves

  •  | review from Paula Sofia Blasco

    28 November 2023

    -  Paula Sofia Blasco

  •  | review from Nick

    27 November 2023

      "Great course and structure."

    -  Nick

  • JOB Camp At Your University | review from Hugh

    24 November 2023

      "very helpful"

    -  Hugh

  •  | review from Pk Panchal

    24 November 2023

    -  Pk Panchal

  •  | review from Louise Darham

    23 November 2023

      "I found the course very useful"

    -  Louise Darham

  • JOB Camp At Your University | review from Benjamin Shelton

    23 November 2023

      "Kate was really nice and engaging. She made the course quite fun."

    -  Benjamin Shelton

  •  | review from Avalon Riddoch

    18 November 2023

      "CPR/First Aid Really fun, I encourage people to do it with their family members or friends."

    -  Avalon Riddoch

  •  | review from Dirillo O

    18 November 2023

      "First aid/CPR class"

    -  Dirillo O

  • JOB Camp At Your University | review from Mark

    16 November 2023

      "Great session with Sam, friendly, professional and informative. Thank you!"

    -  Mark

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