Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More

Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More

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Google Reviews

  • 03 December 2020

    -  Dean Cornac

  • 03 December 2020

    -  Madeline Upton

  • 02 December 2020

      "It was professional."

    -  Amani Zafirah

  • 02 December 2020

      "RSA Melbourne assisted me where another training provider let me down with their unreasonable requirements for the same course. Raji - our instructor - was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable and made the 4 hours pass very quickly. While I am in no rush to do this course anytime soon (it makes you look at food handling in a whole new light!!!) I would certainly look to RSA Melbourne for future courses."

    -  Debra Perry

  • 02 December 2020

      "Sam was a great trainer and all the information he shared were easy to understand. It was a very helpful course if you need to obtain a liquor licence."

    -  Eleanor Fullarton

  • 01 December 2020

      "Its a awesome FSH class. The instructor Raji Kumar took the class in a fun and professional way. I realy enjoyed the session. Just blindly go for it"


  • 30 November 2020

      "I have attended 2 courses at Short Courses Australia. Trainer Raji Kumar and his team are so professional and helpful. I am so happy with training and services in Melbourne campus. Highly recommendation. Thank you."

    -  Pham Manh Hung

  • 29 November 2020

    -  Aishwaryaa Sundar

  • 26 November 2020

      "I completed the Responsible Service of Alcohol short course and it was fantastically presented, straightforward, professional but also light-hearted manner to make it an enjoyable experience while educating me throughouly to pass the test with ease as I had gained great knowledge. The presenter was so kind and helpful which made it a pleasure to do."

    -  Victoria Munro

  • 26 November 2020

    -  Char k

  • 24 November 2020

      "Good Shortcourses training conducted online."

    -  Judy QI

  • 24 November 2020

      "I have no competed three courses with this company and have to say it?s been a breeze !! So much support and information given along with the trainers keeping the courses interesting."

    -  Jas Maria

  • 24 November 2020

      "Great teachers and ran very smoothly."

    -  Gill Scarpini

  • 24 November 2020

      "Teacher was really fun and enthusiastic! Made the content and learning enjoyable!"

    -  Brandon Mclarty

  • 19 November 2020

    -  Jazzmine Nguyen

  • 18 November 2020

      "The trainer had good knowledge of industry and made it interesting"

    -  Rob

  • 18 November 2020

      "The course was easy and very fun"

    -  Mitch Musty

  • 12 November 2020

    -  Yu Yang

  • 10 November 2020

      "Just completed! Was very good quality training and was very enjoyable! Would recommend doing this training!"

    -  chrissy sen

  • 09 November 2020

    -  Manan Rajgor

  • 09 November 2020

      "The course was very interesting, it also helped me to understand several new facts about responsible alcohol management and how to face some challenges and problems with it. I believe it is a great help, thank you for focusing on a good delivery of knowledge."

    -  maria jose rojas figueroa

  • 09 November 2020

      "I completed the New Entrant course on Friday 6th November. The trainer made a point of making the course relevant to all participants, by listening to their stories and requirements at the beginning of the course. The course was made more interesting with the use of examples and stories to illustrate and highlight relevant points."

    -  Annie jones

  • 09 November 2020

      "even though it was online our teacher made it really engaging which was good!!"

    -  Neeve Caldwell

  • 09 November 2020

      "The New Entrant Liquor Licence course was delivered professionally and efficiently. Johnathan communicated well and had the background experience to offer real insight into being a licence holder. Good work!"

    -  Michael Glover

  • 09 November 2020

      "Well run course. Online tools and via google classroom and zoom were slick and easy to use."

    -  Michael Guenzel

  • 06 November 2020

      "Trainer was so confident and absolutely good energy and explanation. Love his teaching and the way he communicated during the session. Cheers Raj"

    -  raVs

  • 05 November 2020

      "Definitely a good choice to do your Rsa course online. Teacher serious, dynamic, clear, interesting and helpful. Class was made fun and useful. Won?t let you down if you don?t understand something. Way better than where I did my first RSA:) I received the certificate two days after the class. You can go there with no doubt."

    -  mari-wenn Brachet

  • 04 November 2020

    -  Sukhwinder Singh

  • 04 November 2020

      "I was bit confused about taking course online wether i will get all the knowledge or not...but while taking course I was so happy that i chose SCA...teacher Raji was amazing, full of knowledge n make me so comfortable that i can ask any question regarding course. Thankyou Raji n SCA"

    -  Sadaf

  • 30 October 2020

      "I thought about getting my RSA one day and got it the next. This is a brilliant way to achieve this qualification, efficient and it was actually a bit of fun. All thanks to Raji ! I don't usually rate things but I'm happy to give this a 5 star. Thanks again."

    -  Aaron Dessent

  • 30 October 2020

      "Very excellent Presentation by Sam Boehm"

    -  David McNamara

  • 29 October 2020

    -  Tearlee Gleeson

  • 29 October 2020

    -  Thanwa LAOKHONKHA

  • 29 October 2020

      "Very engaging class, Raji Kumar is the reason you were able to sit there for 4 hours without becoming distracted. Would recommend to others."

    -  Shannice Surha

  • 28 October 2020

      "Very good material, amazing and helpful instructor. Thank you it was a great experience!"

    -  Maison rose

  • 16 October 2020

      "This was a very informative and professionally run course. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate."

    -  Chris Benson

  • 15 October 2020

    -  Helen Moir

  • 13 October 2020

      "This course was really well run and the best thing was it was run in the comfort of my home through zoom, I found it perfect for any questions I had throughout the course."

    -  Nathan ruivenkamp

  • 08 October 2020

      "I completed New Entrant Liquor License Training Course with Short Courses Australia. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the whole course with the trainer as he was really helping students for better understanding. He definitely knew what he was teaching for students and guide us very well, such as emphasising the important topic. Additionally, he was advising us individually what we should be careful of if we are running our own business. In the future, I will definitely come back to Short Courses Australia for my next certification. I really appreciate the lady who helped me for the consultation through the phone!"


  • 07 October 2020

    -  Rajesh Singh

  • 07 October 2020


  • 02 October 2020

      "I thought Jonathon conducted the meeting very well, his delivery was excellent and his knowledge on the subject was outstanding"

    -  Alyne Fagg

  • 01 October 2020

      "Sam was my trainer and he is very knowledgeable and efficient. he presented the course clearly and easily."

    -  trevor willcock

  • 30 September 2020

      "I just completed my course food handling at short courses Australia . My experience was amazing . The staff is very cooperation and they know how to communicate in a well-manner. Thank you :)"

    -  Manminder Sidhu

  • 29 September 2020

      "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Jonathon Ainscough for very friendly and outstanding tutoring service. I would love to recommend your services to others and would possibly use this service in the future as well. Thank you so much."

    -  Mani Dhot

  • 29 September 2020

      "Jonathon was absolutely brilliant. We got so much out of this course and really learned a lot. Overall, would highly recommend. It was engaging and informative."

    -  The Blind Flight

  • 23 September 2020

    -  Fine Financial

  • 22 September 2020

      "I had previously studied a short course with Short Courses Australia, and have returned due to such a positive experience. I had Jonathon for both of my courses a good teacher with real life experiences.It was easy to learn online and assessment was easy to complete, for all ages"

    -  marie mac

  • 14 September 2020

      "Experienced Trainer with a great personal approach."

    -  Elleni Pearce

  • 11 September 2020

    -  Pure Soap Inc

Short Courses Australia News

Liquor Licence for Takeaway Businesses

Short Courses Australia is assisting Takeaway Food Businesses to fast track the application process to obtain a liquor licence to sell alcohol with each food order. Cost $495.00 (all inclusive)


It is good practice for food businesses to ensure that before anyone is allowed to start work as a food handler, they should at least receive oral or written instruction about the essentials of food hygiene.

How Do I Get An RSA Certificate in Melbourne

Completing an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) program gives participants the skills and knowledge to contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment in licensed premises.