The Workplace Skills Business Elective is a Block Credit of 90 Nominal Hours for VCE VET Elective,Vocational Major (VM) and Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC)


Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective - VCE 2024

Short Courses Australia’s Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective requires students to research various business environments, and use standard workplace tools, software, and equipment.

Students are supported to develop a web presence for their chosen workplace and select a from variety of social media platforms to apply to a business to enhance its online web-based presence, necessary for entry level employment or self-employment conducting social media optimisation (SMO) for business.

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Block Credit - 90 Nominal Hours

The Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective equals one Block Credit of 90 Nominal Hours:

VCE VET Elective

  • For VCE Students it provides a Credit at Unit 1 & 2.

Vocational Major (VM)

  • For VCE VM students it provides 90 of 180 nominal hours required of VET at Certificate II level.

Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC)

  • For VPC students it meets the requirement of the new certificate.
Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective
Units selected from BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills
Unit of Competence Nominal Hours

BSBOPS201 Work effective in business environments


BSBTEC203 Research using the internet

ICTWEB306 Develop web presence using social media 30
JOB CAMP Module Job Search, Workplace Learning & VET Pathways 0
Graduation Ceremony 0
Total Nominal Hours 90



The Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective is delivered across 1 Semester, or 2 Terms.

Students attending Campus attend weekly 4 Hour Practical Classes, over 2 Terms, and are also required to complete self-paced projects, online learning and participate in formative assessment activities.

Students attending regional Victorian Secondary Schools can enrol and participate in Campus delivery via real time connected delivery.


Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

The Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority (VCAA) recommends work placement and to liaise with your Local Learning Employment Network (LLEN).

Short Courses Australia includes our JOB CAMP learning module for secondary students that covers resume writing, job search and the interview process.


Block Credit Recognition In The VCE

VCE Student, VCE Vocational Major (VM) and Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) students receive a Credit towards their VCE, VCE VM or VPC for each 90 hour block elective of VET completed.

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VET Material Fees

Follow this link for a breakdown of Short Courses Australia VET Material Fees that meet eleigibility for the funding. 


Course Delivery Location

The Workplace Skills Taster Elective is delivered at our training campus located 350 Collins Street, Melbourne

To Host a Workplace Skills Taster Program at your school contact Short Courses Australia on 1300 747 430 Email:


Study Pathways

A student can use their learning to continue their vocational education and training through enrolment in the Certificate II in Workplace Skills, Certificate III in Small Business, SBAT, Traineeship or Apprenticeship


Enrol Now 

Students can be enrolled online below into the Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective. 

For information as to how a Secondary School can Host a Workplace Skills Industry Taster Elective for their VCE, VM and VPC Students at their School, Click Here.

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