Waiter Training Course Melbourne

Short Courses Australia offer a weekly waiter training course for those looking for entry into a cafe or restaurant environment. 



Our waiter course in Melbourne gives you the skills to work as a waiter or cafe attendant in a restaurant or cafe. 

During this three (3) hour course, you will learn essential waiter skills in a small group environment that allows time to receive practical training and to then complete activities in all facets of the "service cycle" under the supervision of our qualified hospitality trainer.

Short Courses Australia have created this course to be in line with the national industry standard of prepare and serve food and beverage.

Participants receive a certificate of completion for the course waiter and service skills.



The cost of the course is $55.00 per person, including certificate of completion for the course waiter and service skills.

Date & Time
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08 December 2022, Thursday
04:00 PM - 06:30 PM

22 December 2022, Thursday
04:00 PM - 06:30 PM

Waiter, Bar & Cafè Jobs

Customer Reviews

  • Waiter Training Short Course | review from Jane Ong

    29 November 2022

      "The Barista Coffee Course of SCA is a great introductory course for all. It has an excellent mix of fun, fact, and flavor. Rachel handled our class professionally, her lectures backed by years of experience running a restaurant/cafe. She not only explained the ?what? and ?how? but the ?why? as well. We were encouraged to have hands-on barista experience with different coffee menus and milk combinations throughout the day, which included preparing the machine at the start of the day and cleaning it at closing time. We also had unlimited coffee-tasting sessions. The place was clean, and the class atmosphere was robust and relaxed. I improved a lot after the class and learned to appreciate the art of coffee making even more. It was such a great experience that I plan to enroll in SCA?s other courses to complement this newfound skill."

    -  Jane Ong

  •  | review from Georgios Giannarakis

    29 November 2022

      "Great course! The teacher was so lovely and made learning all about responsible service of alcohol so fun. Really good experience!"

    -  Georgios Giannarakis

  •  | review from Kaye Londrigan

    28 November 2022

      "I highly recommend training through Shirt Course. Loved the training, relaxed, engaging and professional trainer, thoroughly enjoyed RSA training. Thankyou"

    -  Kaye Londrigan

  • Waiter Training Short Course | review from Sirasate Futanunchai

    25 November 2022

    -  Sirasate Futanunchai

  •  | review from rebecca hovell

    23 November 2022

      "Good teacher and well ran course"

    -  rebecca hovell

  •  | review from Andrea

    23 November 2022

      "Very good coaching and dem8"

    -  Andrea

  • Waiter Training Short Course | review from Robin Bailey

    17 November 2022

    -  Robin Bailey

  •  | review from jonathon ainscough

    16 November 2022

    -  jonathon ainscough

  •  | review from bec mawer

    15 November 2022

      "Great Course - so quick and easy. Instructor was easy to listen to and supportive throughout the day."

    -  bec mawer

  • Waiter Training Short Course | review from Heaven Waters

    10 November 2022

    -  Heaven Waters

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