Short Courses Australia deliver Block Credits of 90 Nominal Hours for the VCE Vocational Major (VM).                                        Students train at our Melbourne or Port Melbourne Campuses or a Secondary School can choose to Host a Course.

VCE Vocational Major (VM)

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Rules for VET recognition within the VCE have changed with the introduction of the VCE Vocational Major (VM) from 2023.

Students that choose the VM, to qualify for the award, are required to complete 180 nominal hours of VET. These 180 hours can come from any VET certificate at certificate II or above and can accrue across multiple certificates.

Select a Vocational Major (VM) Elective

Short Courses Australia offer four distinct industry taster programs for VCE VM students, that each total 90 nominal hours of Block Credit.

VCE VM Students can select each program at our Melbourne & Port MelbourneTraining Centres, or your school can select to Host a Course at your Secondary School.

Each program contains recommended structured workplace learning that is supported by our JOB CAMP learning module for secondary students.

For more information about each elective and to enrol click on the course below:



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Customer Reviews

  • VCE Vocational Major (VM) | review from ???

    02 June 2023

      "The instructor was kind and professional. I could learn in a comfortable atmosphere. :)"

    -  ???

  •  | review from esther marah bantales

    01 June 2023

      "I learned a lot. Thank you. Thinking of taking up another course soon."

    -  esther marah bantales

  • VCE Vocational Major (VM) | review from Carolina Cruz Castillo

    30 May 2023

      "I took my SITHFAB021 - Providing a Responsible Service for Alcohol Courses. They are available when making a Zoom call. the classes are much more fun, more informative and more engaging during class. I recommend taking the courses here because they have full experience in the different fields."

    -  Carolina Cruz Castillo

  •  | review from bishop guan

    24 May 2023

      "The courses is valuable and worthy"

    -  bishop guan

  • VCE Vocational Major (VM) | review from Alejandra CortÚs

    22 May 2023

    -  Alejandra CortÚs

  •  | review from Massimo Petru

    22 May 2023

      "Exceptional courses, very quick and easy to get certification in multiple areas, highly recommend."

    -  Massimo Petru

  • VCE Vocational Major (VM) | review from Y33T0

    17 May 2023

      "Lessons are easy to follow, the instructors kept the courses fun and engaging"

    -  Y33T0

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