Short Courses Australia deliver Block Credits of 90 Nominal Hours for Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) secondary school students, that each provide a Credit at Unit 1 & 2. Students can attend at our Melbourne or Port Melbourne Centres, or a Secondary School can choose to Host a Course.

Duration: 1 Semester. Cost: From $105.00 Enrolment & Resources Fee

VCE VET Elective

Rules for Vocational Education and Training (VET) recognition within the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) have changed with the introduction of the ONE VCE from 2023.

VCE Students can select a VET Elective of 90 nominal hours and use this Block Credit at Units 1 & 2 level of VCE.

Select A Vet Elective

Short Courses Australia offer four distinct industry taster elective programs that VCE Students can select as a VCE Elective.

Each VCE VET Elective offered by Short Courses Australia totals 90 nominal hours and meets the Block Credit requirement.

VCE Students can select each Elective for study at our Melbourne Training Campus, or a Secondary School can select to Host a Course at their Secondary School.

Each program contains recommended structured workplace learning that is supported by our JOB CAMP learning module for secondary students.

For more information about each elective and to enrol click on the course below:


Social Media for Small Business Elective - VM

Social Media for Small Business Elective - VM

Read More | Availability
Road Infrastructure Elective - VM

Road Infrastructure Elective - VM

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Customer Reviews

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Gajendra Singh

    26 September 2022

    -  Gajendra Singh

  •  | review from George Csifo

    20 September 2022

      "The trainer was very informative and succinct"

    -  George Csifo

  •  | review from Khristine Evasco

    14 September 2022

      "Amazing presentation, right to the point, easy to understand and very helpful. Incorporated everyones input in relation to each individuals industry."

    -  Khristine Evasco

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Merrich Withers

    06 September 2022

    -  Merrich Withers

  •  | review from Lucy Brown

    02 September 2022

      "Highly recommend SCA for all training needs. A great trainer that facilitated a productive, knowledgeable and ultimately fun session."

    -  Lucy Brown

  •  | review from Jesus is Lord

    30 August 2022

    -  Jesus is Lord

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Frank Maddicks

    23 August 2022

      "I have just completed the New Entrant Liquor License Training course, which was conducted by Short Courses Australia. The presentation of the course by our trainer was very professional, covered a very wide range of topics and the participants were all involved. Would totally recommend Short Courses Australia."

    -  Frank Maddicks

  •  | review from Peter Papos

    23 August 2022

      "Extremely informative and enjoyable. The instructor Lindy made the course easy to understand and interacted with the class with real life scenarios. Definitely will be back to do other courses with this organisation. Highly Recommend if you need your RSA accreditation."

    -  Peter Papos

  •  | review from Des Dunn

    23 August 2022

      "I was most impressed with the very helpful and informative online tutoring provided by Short Courses Australia in regard to my obtaining my Responsible Serving of Alcohol certification... Mary Dunn"

    -  Des Dunn

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Tharindi De Abrew

    22 August 2022

      "My expectations were fulfilled, and the course was a rewarding experience. Mr. Dean, the presenter, covered everything I needed to know and more. He presented the information in an engaging way. After two days, I received my certificate, for which I am incredibly grateful to the short course provider. I'll undoubtedly schedule courses in the future."

    -  Tharindi De Abrew

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