Short Courses Australia deliver Block Credits of 90 Nominal Hours for Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) secondary school students, that each provide a Credit at Unit 1 & 2. Students can attend at our Melbourne or Port Melbourne Centres, or a Secondary School can choose to Host a Course.

VCE VET Elective

Download our VETDSS Course Guide for 2023.

Rules for Vocational Education and Training (VET) recognition within the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) have changed with the introduction of the ONE VCE from 2023.

VCE Students can select a VET Elective of 90 nominal hours and use this Block Credit at Units 1 & 2 level of VCE.

Select A Vet Elective

Short Courses Australia offer four distinct industry taster elective programs that VCE Students can select as a VCE Elective.

Each VCE VET Elective offered by Short Courses Australia totals 90 nominal hours and meets the Block Credit requirement.

VCE Students can select each Elective for study at our Melbourne Training Campus, or a Secondary School can select to Host a Course at their Secondary School.

Each program contains recommended structured workplace learning that is supported by our JOB CAMP learning module for secondary students.

For more information about each elective and to enrol click on the course below:



Customer Reviews

  • VCE VET Elective | review from harry djayadisoe

    01 February 2023

    -  harry djayadisoe

  •  | review from John R

    01 February 2023

      "Awesome experience! Rachel the instructor had great energy and teaching ability!"

    -  John R

  •  | review from Caine Bernard

    01 February 2023

    -  Caine Bernard

  • VCE VET Elective | review from YITE HSU

    31 January 2023

      "(Translated by Google) Kind and careful teaching Great experiential course, I learned a lot of helpful content here (Original) ??????? ??????????????????????"

    -  YITE HSU

  •  | review from Aiko Arendain

    30 January 2023

      "Covered thoroughly through the content, both self-evident and experience based. From an improvement standpoint, the delivery of content could definitely be improved in terms of engaging students."

    -  Aiko Arendain

  •  | review from Chezka Clemente

    30 January 2023

      "Helpful and engaging trainers. Definitely recommend!"

    -  Chezka Clemente

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Francisca Cabrera Duery

    30 January 2023

      "A great place !"

    -  Francisca Cabrera Duery

  •  | review from Shimpei

    30 January 2023

      "so good"

    -  Shimpei

  •  | review from Freddie The Crab

    25 January 2023

      "RSA guide provided, face to face class was excellent, SCA were very responsive and helpful with class booking, etc."

    -  Freddie The Crab

  • VCE VET Elective | review from Analiz D

    25 January 2023

      "Rachel was fantastic and accommodating, with lots of experience to facilitate the course!"

    -  Analiz D

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