Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More

Short Course Australia continue to provide essential short courses during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More


Hospitality Cadetships | To Suit Your Style

Join Transition Pathways Training Australia and get FREE Hospitality Courses

Paid Job in Hospitality in a Venue & Work Environment that suits Your Style.


We seek reliable, fun loving and engaging people to join our hospitality cadetship program.

Join Transition Pathways Training Australia and we will get you an awesome Paid Job in Hospitality in a venue and environment that suits Your Style.

You will receive, At No Cost To You, up front training courses to the value of $360.00 from our brilliant Short Courses Australia training team:

We then connect you with our amazing Transition Pathways Team and a Talent Officer will work with you one on one to select a Paid Job in a venue and work environment that suits your style.

Our employers are pre-screened to ensure a safe and quality work experience.

Our hospitality cadets complete the remaining units of competence from the SIT30616 - Certificate III in Hospitality flexibly and in the workplace, during paid structured withdrawal. 



Our hospitality cadetship flyer, detailing employment and vocational training opportunties is now available for download:



To find out more, or to Join Today, please contact our Admissions Team on 1300 696 342 or email or SMS "CADET" to 0439 741 983

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Customer Reviews

  • Hospitality Courses  | review from Tony Tran

    25 May 2022

      "John was a fantastic RSA teacher! Extremely patient with the other students and was very professional"

    -  Tony Tran

  •  | review from Richard Kiang

    17 May 2022

      "Jonathan and the team at RSA Melbourne were great from booking to course delivery. Jonathan was very knowledgeable in all things relating to liquor and conducted a free flowing, inquisitive study environment. I definitely rate my short course experience."

    -  Richard Kiang

  •  | review from Giang ??ng

    06 May 2022

      "Funny teacher and easy to understand."

    -  Giang ??ng

  • Hospitality Courses  | review from Pauline Tolentino

    06 May 2022

      "The course was very insightful. I actually learned a lot of new things. Andrew the facilitator did really well presenting the course and he was very accommodating with our questions. I would definitely recommend them!"

    -  Pauline Tolentino

  •  | review from Sarah Dey

    05 May 2022

    -  Sarah Dey

  •  | review from rimo adel

    04 May 2022

      "Great course. Teacher Ben was very good and was very informative. Thank you Ben"

    -  rimo adel

  • Hospitality Courses  | review from Ren Tama

    04 May 2022

    -  Ren Tama

  •  | review from Sarah Dey

    02 May 2022

      "Studied online, was able to be fully attentive as the lecturer builds rapport , involves everyone and ensures if there is any misunderstanding that it is rectified ? this is not the only short course I have studied through Short Courses Australia .. 5 starts for communication"

    -  Sarah Dey

  •  | review from Belinda Draper

    30 April 2022

    -  Belinda Draper

  • Hospitality Courses  | review from Jayde Kindred

    29 April 2022

      "Well priced, John was extremely helpful and answered any questions we had. John advocated for different ages."

    -  Jayde Kindred

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